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Create intelligent one-stop marketing solutions, free appointment for personal demonstration

  • Diverse Traffic Channels
    Create intelligent control of more than 120 channels (including YT, FG, IG, X, etc.), with 48 million fans, and create 7.2 billion views per year. We can develop the most effective traffic practices for you according to different audiences.
  • Personalization and Automation
    Create intelligent use of AI technology, combined with exclusive digital iris technology and algorithms, automatically generate product recommendations in LINE official accounts or your official website/e-commerce, as well as precise marketing, increase interaction with members, and increase orders and repurchases by 5 times. It is a good helper for you to make money.
  • Exclusive Material Library and Script Library
    Create intelligent knowledge of how difficult it is to build automated operations, and understand the cost of material production. To save your stress, we have created exclusive material and script libraries, updated monthly according to current events and festivals/activities. Materials and scripts can be freely edited, reducing your time and money costs in operation by up to 80%.