Privacy Policy

To protect the privacy and related rights of members using our website services, the OMG Platform (hereinafter referred to as "the Platform") will comply with the requirements of the Personal Information Protection Act of the Republic of China to protect and respect your personal privacy. The Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection Policy for the services provided by this Platform (hereinafter referred to as "the Policy") directly and indirectly collect, processes, uses, and protects your personal information in accordance with Article 8 and Article 9 of the Personal Information Protection Act. Please read the following "Notice on Collection, Processing, Use of Personal Information" for relevant content.

Collection, Processing, and Use of Personal Information

When you begin to use the services of the Platform, we will collect, process and use the information related to your computer, device and browser when using the relevant website and services of this Platform, including computer or mobile device information, IP address, operation system, and browser type. At the same time, we will also directly and indirectly collect, process, and use your personal data and transaction information (including but not limited to transaction content and transaction amount) retained when you register as a member on this Platform or its cooperative platforms. Therefore, in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, we inform you of the following.

Purpose of Data Collection

The Platform will conduct surveys, statistics, and research analysis related to the services of the website or other e-commerce services. It also aims to fulfill the needs of the Platform in complying with regulations, business, finance, taxation, operation or risk management requirements (including but not limited to self-promotion or joint marketing, statistical survey and analysis, internal control, management and auditing, etc., with specific legal purposes numbered 040, 090, 148, and 157).

Types of Personal Data Collected

Name, date of birth, nationality, gender, marital status, mailing address, telephone number, educational level, employing organization and position, employing organization telephone number, occupation type, email address, financial institution account number, credit card number, income, revenue, assets, transaction details, investment experience, and any direct/indirectly identifiable individual-related data generated/provided during transactions between yourself & this Platform.

Indirect Sources of Personal Data Collection (Applicable when personal data is not provided by the party concerned):

1. Partner platforms or related companies of this Platform. 2. Third parties with whom this Platform cooperates for promotion or third parties who are commissioned to conduct business within various services on this Platform.

Duration of Use of Personal Information

We will retain your personal and cookie data for as long as necessary to fulfill the specific purpose for which it was collected, in compliance with applicable laws, contractual obligations, or retention periods set by our Platform. In case of conflicting durations, we will adhere to the longer duration.

Region of Personal Data Utilization

Taiwan and any region where the services of this website are available, including regions outside Taiwan that may be necessary to use such personal data based on commercial judgment of this Platform in the future. It also includes the region where the above-mentioned utilization objects are located.

Methods for Personal Data Utilization

In compliance with relevant laws and regulations related to personal data protection using automated machines or other non-automated methods.

Your Rights and Methods for Exercising Your Rights Regarding Personal Data:

1.The rights you have to exercise on this Platform: If your request is obviously unfounded or excessive, we may charge a reasonable fee or refuse your request. 2. Methods for exercising your rights: In writing or by other means that can be proven in the future as designated by this Platform (such as written documents, email, fax, electronic files etc.) along with procedures. However, please understand that these rights are not absolute and we may refuse requests where permitted by applicable law.

Impact of not providing personal information

You should be aware that if you do not provide the relevant personal information, this Platform may delay or be unable to carry out necessary verification and processing operations and related services. Therefore, this Platform may decline your application for registration as a member or transaction, delay or be unable to provide you with related services or business dealings, and handle other related matters.

Third-Party Use

This Platform guarantees that it will never disclose your personal information to third parties in any way such as selling, publicizing, exchanging or sharing without authorization. However, when required by law, with your consent or for the benefit of users, this Platform will share your personal information with its affiliated companies or outsourced vendors. This Platform promises to do its best to protect users' personal information.

Data Security

This Platform and other affiliated websites will make every effort to ensure the security of all personal data through reasonable technology and procedures in order to prevent unauthorized access, use or disclosure.


For the convenience of users, this website uses Cookie technology to facilitate the provision of services that users need. Cookies are a technology used by web servers to communicate with user browsers. They may randomly store strings on a user's computer for identification purposes. 1. You agree that this Platform has the right to allow certain other companies advertising on this Platform's web pages to set and access cookies on your computer. These companies will use their own privacy policies for the cookies, not based on this Platform's privacy policy. 2. Advertisers or other companies cannot access the Cookie of this Platform. 3. We will implement "Cookies" or other features that allow us or third parties to collect or share information in order to help us improve our website and services provided, as well as provide new services and features. 4. "Cookies" are identifiers we send to your computer or mobile device that enable us to identify your computer or device while telling us how you use our website service, visit methods, time spent visiting, number of visits made and track activities within our website. 5. We may link Cookie information with personal data. 6. If you want to refuse the use of cookies, please choose appropriate settings in your browser. Please note that if you do so, you may not be able to fully utilize all functions of this website or its services.

Information Security Management Policy

To ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our company's critical information systems, we are issuing this information security management policy. This policy is intended to provide clear guidance to employees in their daily work. All employees have a duty to actively participate in the implementation of this policy to ensure the security of our company's data, information systems, devices, and networks. We expect all employees to understand, implement, and maintain this policy to achieve the goal of continuous information operations. 1. Implement information security and strengthen service quality: All employees are responsible for implementing the information security management system (ISMS). All information-related measures should ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of business data. This will help to mitigate the risk of data leaks, destruction, or loss due to external threats or improper internal management. Appropriate protection measures should be selected to reduce risk to an acceptable level. Continuous monitoring, review, and auditing of information security procedures should be performed to strengthen service quality and improve service levels. 2. Strengthen security training and ensure continuous operations: The company will supervise all employees in implementing information security management tasks. Appropriate information security training will be conducted annually to build a culture of "information security is everyone's responsibility." This will help employees understand the importance of information security and encourage them to comply with information security regulations. This will help to improve information security awareness and emergency response capabilities, reduce information security risks, and achieve the goal of continuous operations. 3. Prepare for emergency response and rapid disaster recovery: The company will develop emergency response and disaster recovery plans for critical information assets and key business processes. These plans will be periodically exercised to ensure that information systems can be restored quickly in the event of a system failure or major disaster. This will help to ensure that critical business operations continue and that losses are minimized.


This website service may contain links to other websites or web pages linked through third-party-provided services. 1. If you use additional functions such as plug-ins or applications provided by third parties (hereinafter referred to as "Applications") while using this site's service(s), these websites/links/Applications may obtain some of your personal data. 2. For these non-platform-related websites/links/Applications mentioned above, it is up-to-you understand their behavior regarding collecting personal data; they have no relation with our Platform whatsoever. 3. If in future days outside-third-party takes over the operation of this website service or if our Platform is acquired or merged by a third party, your personal data will be transferred according to the maintenance requirements for personal data in this policy.

Privacy Policy Revision

This Platform will revise its website policies from time to time. If users have any questions regarding the privacy statement of this Platform's website or any related matters concerning personal information, they can contact us through our customer service system.

How to manage or delete information about me:

1. We provide you with functions to access, modify, transmit and delete your data. Please contact customer service for more information. 2. We will continue to retain data until it is no longer necessary for us to provide our services and products, or until your account is deleted (whichever occurs earlier). 3. The above decision will vary depending on the specific case, and will depend on the nature of the data, the reasons for collecting and processing the data, and relevant legal or operational storage requirements, etc.

Contact us

If users have any questions or opinions about these terms, or if there are any related questions regarding this website's services, user accounts and rights, please contact our company.